Caulfield EP

by Caulfield

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Caulfield Self-Titled EP

Recording in Harrisonburg, VA and Richmond, VA

Caulfield is:
Guitar and Vocals - Cole Roberts
Guitar and Vocals - Troy Gamboa
Bass - Nathan Johnson
Drums - Jonny Weiss

Additional Instrumentation:
Keyboards - Tamara Jones

Download comes with lyric sheets to Smile, Marina, and Can She Bloom.


released February 23, 2016

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Johnson of UR Haüs Records.

Artwork by Nathan Johnson



all rights reserved


Caulfield Harrisonburg, Virginia

4 guys out of
Harrisonburg, VA. They have all of your shoegaze/dream pop/indie needs and more.

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Track Name: Smile
You smile
Like you’ve got something to hide
Go ahead
I won’t find it out
Twist my arm
I won’t fight
Don’t hesitate
Don’t alleviate
Bend me
So that I might snap
Straw to break the camel's back
Gimme some slack

I am the broken record playing in my head
The twisted sheet that lies upon my bed
I am hungry, but not for what feeds me
But for which ties me up and leaves me

Burn marks
Cover my body from head to toe
Personal ash try
I don’t mind it though
Clip my wings
I won’t need to fly
A cage is fine
This is fine
Track Name: Marina
Oh oh I’ll take you where you want to go
Close your eyes so you can’t see
Feel the sun’s glow, woah oh oh oh

Oh oh I’ll speak when spoken too
I’ll shut my eyes, I’m caught dreaming
I’m caught stealing another beautiful day

I’m not just saying this
Get us away from here down in the sand
In the water, where it’s nice and cool
I’m not playing or fooling around
I’ve spent too much time here on the ground
Let’s pass the time, forget our minds
Let’s float in the clouds

Oh no, it hit me like a hurricane
Floating on some driftwood let the tide
Carry me away, woah oh oh oh

Oh oh, hold your breath and follow me
I’ll take you underwater so you can breathe
Easily, woah oh oh
Track Name: Can She Bloom
Stand in the garden
To watch her grow
Can she bloom?
Will it rain? Who knows

Climb the trees
To see her from above
She is the face of the earth
She is the face of love

Stand in the ocean
Feel the waves
Crash into your body
She’s what I crave

Sail the seas
And wait for the dove
She is the storm that’s brewing
She is the flood